Excitement & Excursions

For this blog, I thought I would quickly touch on all of the fun and exciting activities that are provided to us study abroad students.

Sydney Harbour Cruise: During the first week in Sydney there was an incredible Sydney Harbour boat tour. We all met around 12PM and hopped on the boat. We were provided with a delicious buffet of food coupled with the most stunning views of Sydney. The tour lasted about three hours with the ability to get off about half way through. I think this was definitely the moment for all of us where it kind of settled in that we were officially in Sydney.


Blue Mountains Tour: Just more recently on February 3rd we all traveled to the Blue Mountains. The morning started VERY early at 6:45AM and boarded the buses around 7:30AM. The ride lasted about 3 hours and was filled with information and facts given by our tour guide. The weather did not cooperate that morning with fog everywhere and drizzling rain. We went on multiple hikes, saw the Three Sisters (a famous rock formation), beautiful waterfalls and of course large mountains filled with greenery. What a hike!

Featherdale Wildlife Park: On the afternoon of the Blue Mountains Tour we went to the Featherdale National Park. Here was where we were all finally introduced to the “typical” Australian wildlife: koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, birds, and much more. The animals for the most part were given their park section to roam around.

Coming up in the next couple of months that are even more opportunities and activities provided like a tour of the Sydney Opera House, tour of the Sydney Observatory, an Aboriginal Workshop, a sleepover at the Taronga Zoo and much more. I am looking forward to sharing my experiences!