Birthday in Australia and the Sydney Opera House

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to spend my 21st Birthday in Sydney. Coming to Australia, I was scared that my birthday would have no significance as 21 means just another year older in Australia. I was wrong. I had an amazing time celebrating with my friends here and enjoying the Australian weather and night life.

My birthday started with an unexpected gift as I woke up to a call from a delivery man. Getting out of bed groggy from a night out before, I was treated to meat pies and a huge cake that my Mom ordered from home. While checking Facebook, I noticed a post from my program coordinator for free tickets to Carmen at the Sydney Opera House. I had good timing and was able to secure the tickets for the nights show.

After getting ready, I made my way to my internship to start my day. At work, I was treated to lunch and a freshly baked cake by my supervisor. Following work, I went to get even more food at Jamie’s Italian where I had a dinner with some of my close friends with celebratory drink. At this point, it was time for the Opera.

Watching Carmen at the Sydney Opera House was the highlight of my day. Growing up, my grandmother would play songs from this particular show. I was amazed by how much I remember from my childhood. The acoustics were superb and visuals were top notch. Although being initially skeptical as to whether I would enjoy the experience, by the end I was wanting to watch more.

My 21st birthday was unique and a memorable experience. I will look fondly on the day and am so happy to have spent it abroad in Australia