Snowed In!

It is a Snow Day in Dublin! Actually, it is a snow weekend…on Wednesday school was called off for the rest of the week until next Monday. Crazy! I’m used to school in Pittsburgh where snow does not stop class unless you actually cannot open your front door.

Here, Dublin is not equipped to deal with snow. I heard from a friend that Ireland exports their salt to other countries so when it snows they do not leave any salt left over for themselves. I also heard that there is only one snow plow for all of Dublin. So although it did not snow more than a few inches, with no salt and nothing to clear the roads with, the weather was actually pretty bad to go out in. So when it does happen to snow, everything gets closed down. This storm, known as “Storm Emma” or “Beast from the East”, is considered a Red Alert and everyone is advised to stay in doors.

I am now on my third day inside and I am getting a little stir crazy. The wind is bad, but the snow is barely three inches. So to help relax, and feel like I left my room at least once today, I went over to my friend Bridget’s place for dinner! It was nice to be social after two days inside my room watching Netflix.

It looks like school will be back on Monday after 12:00pm. I am looking forward to having public transportation back running and to have classes to go to. I have been going stir crazy! I was able to get various homework assignments that I have been previously putting off done so that will be my positive for the weekend!

Excited to get back to school soon and I’ll be in touch again later!

xoxo Molly