Food in Sydney

I’m a big foodie but I’m also frugal, a combination that does not mix well. Still, I have been able to explore a little bit of what Sydney has to offer the taste buds without completely breaking the bank.

While Australia might not have a renowned authentic food reputation like Italy, it benefits from a blending of home style heartiness and Asian influence. The first thing I discovered about Sydney is the burgers. Australians don’t mess around when it comes to beef patties. I have been to several burger joints, each with their own specialties. The commonality seems to be the quality of the beef, which has a natural and savory taste to it wherever you go.

Prior to coming here I had very little experience with Asian food. I’m not talking about “Chinese” buffets you find scattered throughout the US, I’m talking real Asian food. People say Australia is the closest you can get to Asian food without actually going there and I agree. The Thai food especially just seems much more authentic here than in the US. Every day at work I eat from a Thai place next door, partly because it is affordable but the taste in phenomenal. I have a new found passion for Thai food and intend to pursue the best places in Sydney with my remaining time.

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