Traveling: Do’s and Don’ts

So far on this trip I have traveled to 5 different countries: England, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, and Germany.

Preparing for the trip may be the most fun part but it can also be the most stressful, so I’ve compiled some do’s of don’ts of preparing:


  • Plan ahead! Schedule your trips as soon as you decide you want to go somewhere.  Flights and hostels only get more expensive as time goes on.
  • Print whatever you can. Phone service is sometimes the sketchiest thing abroad. The second you need to look something up online or pull up an electronic ticket you have no signal. Print your vouchers and tickets prior to leaving and it will save you not only time but also stress
  • Scan your important documents. Some countries require you to have your documentation at all times and its nice losing scans rather than the real thing.


  • Wait until the last minute to purchase tickets, print them or pack. This only adds to the stress of traveling as it is and its supposed to be a fun experience.
  • Book from sketchy websites or an air bnb/ hostel that doesn’t look quite right. You’re probably correct with your intuition, and there are plenty of nice places for a few extra pounds.

Packing do’s and don’ts:


  • Pack the necessities! Socks, underwear, showering items, shoes, passport, papers, etc.
  • Bring a towel if your hostel doesn’t offer them for free, 2 Euro for a towel may not seem like a lot but it can totally be avoided if you just bring your own.
  • Check the weather. Prague was 8 degrees one morning and that was unexpected and we were unprepared.


  • Bring more than is necessary. If you don’t know if you will wear it, just leave it in your flat. Saves you space to bring things home anyway as souvenirs.
  • Bring outfits that you wouldn’t wear more than once if need be. Never know what is going to happen!
  • Fill the suitcase/ bag completely. Again, you’ll want to have space in case you want to bring back a souvenir.

Finally some miscellaneous do’s and don’ts:


  • Be aware of your surroundings at all time. You can lose your wallet, purse, umbrella, passport at any moment. There is a reason pick-pockets are so famous, they’re very good at what they do.
  • Find a safe space for things once your in your living arrangement while traveling. If you don’t want to bring your passport, leave it somewhere secure when you’re not in the room.
  • Look up places to go before you leave. In the off chance you run out of things to do you can go to places that you remember from your online searches.
  • Book things to do early as well. Its nice having an itinerary.
  • GET PLACES EARLY! don’t miss you flight, train, or bus cause that’s just more money.


  • Look like you have means. I’m not saying you need to look like a hobo, but if you can leave your Kate Spade in London, do it.
  • Over plan. You should definitely have a plan, but if things don’t go exactly correct, it shouldn’t ruin your trip. It’s nice seeing amazing things, but some days you need to sit in bed or take a nap.
  • Let your health be a non-priority. Getting sick isn’t fun but it does happen. Allow yourself the time to get better no matter how much you want to do while traveling. You’ll just end up being sick for 4 weeks straight.

Traveling is supposed to be an amazing experience, and I feel like following these tips may help enhance it!



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  1. Good advice!
    Once, when we went to Switzerland, we didn’t book a room ahead. There was not one single hotel room open in Geneva, but I finally reached a hotel by phone that had one room left and would hold it for one hour. We made it there on time, and it was nice, but that was a stressful hour, not being sure if the room would still be available when we arrived.