Aussie Aussie Aussie

It is said that the Aussies are much like the British and Americans. I have found this to be true in terms of standard of living and day-to-day habits, but they are very different conversationally and socially.

I have spoken to and interacted with many Aussies and I have noticed some commonalities. First, they are very talkative and seem to actually be interested in people’s stories and backgrounds. They often have many funny stories to tell, stories that are only bolstered in quality because of the robust choice of words and enthusiasm.

America tends to be all business, where as here personal relationships are highly valued and humor is used in almost every situation. I have learned through my classes that the idea of “mateship” or camaraderie is very important in Australian society. My observations concur with this as it seems Aussies value friendship highly and seem much more likely to spend as much free time as they can with each other. In america, our work often consumes us and we lose contact with our friends as the years go by. Obviously, I don’t know for sure if all Aussies embody this stereotype but it does seem more prominent than it is in America.