Visit Con Mi Padre

This past weekend was definitely the most fun yet. And just as the title says, it’s cause my dad came for a visit. When you have a visitor, you can’t just sit at home and study all weekend, so I was forced to go out and do things. Plus, it was nice to just have a familiar face around and spend time with my dad, who I have known all my life 🙂

Though we were out a lot, we didn’t really do much. But, that is how my family likes to do things. The first two days he was here, I had my internship during most of the day, so we just did dinner at night and walked around a bit. But come Saturday, the #ranadefamilyfun began!

We started off by going to this place I spotted a few weeks ago called Publix. I am from Florida. Publix, well that’s the name of our local grocery store. And just a side note, “shopping is a pleasure” there, so if you’re ever in Florida, please go! Anyway, I was intrigued to go there because not only did it have the same name, the font and color of the sign out front was exactly the same as it is back home. RanadeE15.JPGMy dad and I both were so intrigued to check it out. I have to say, it was a bit of a disappointment. The Publix here is not a fun grocery store, but rather a little café and smoothie place. We still stayed for a cup of coffee just for the heck of it. Honestly, the highlight was that the placemats had pictures of old Vogue covers, which for me, was super cool!

After Publix, we just walked around Recoleta, which is the neighborhood that I am living in. There was an artisan market in one of the parks right by the cemetery. And that cemetery, well it is not normal. It is a maze of hundreds of mausoleums. It is also where Eva Peron is buried. My dad and I wanted to see her family’s mausoleum just because it is so famous. We wondered around for quite some time looking at all of the names to try and find it. We were kind of dumb though. Instead we should have been following where all of the other people were flocking to. When we figured that part out, we were led straight to Peron and her family’s mausoleum. ranadee16.jpgIt is sort of a strange feeling for a cemetery to be such a tourist sight. There is a beauty to it on the inside, but at the same time, it still feels a bit odd to walk around at look into all of the graves.

The artisan market was very interesting too. My dad loves that kind of stuff, so we walked around for a while. We went to one in San Telmo, another neighborhood in Buenos Aires, on Sunday afternoon before he left too. Personally, I liked all of the suede shirts and dresses and the clothing made of fur. Because my dad loves these kind of market so much, we go to them basically in any city we travel to. RanadeE17.JPGI always wonder how these street vendors make a profit. They always have full tables. Some of it is artisan and handcraft work, but other stuff is clearly purchased and being resold. Maybe it’s just the business student in me, but I’m curious if it is really worth the time to sit out in the hot sun and sell little knick-knacks to a bunch of tourists. Some may have no other choice, but part of me thinks they could maybe find a more beneficial way to make money. I don’t know. But regardless, they are fun to walk around in and see all the crafts and souvenir type things. Of course, my dad picked up a few “cool” pieces along the way. He wouldn’t be Deepak Ranade if he didn’t!

Even though we didn’t do anything super extensive, it was fun to just walk around, talk, and look at many different things that Buenos Aires has to offer. We stopped into many stores, got some good things to eat, spent some quality time in the beautiful Four Seasons, and just overall had an easy going weekend together. It might have been the most exciting, but we did it the “Ranade” way!