Food in Sydney

Growing up I’ve always been fond of trying new food from different places all over the world, my studies in Sydney have strongly encouraged this due to how much diversity there is with restaurants across the city.

Sydney restaurants have a strong presence of Asian food and culture, which is something that I was looking forward to. Before leaving Pittsburgh, a significant amount of people told me about how many different places there are to try new forms of Asian food. I try not to eat out a lot in Sydney, but when I do, I try visit a new restaurant every time.

A few of my favorite restaurants are The Bucket List at Bondi Beach. This restaurant has incredible views of the beach which makes it a perfect place to catch dinner after a long day at the beach. Another one of my favorite places to get dinner is at Spice Alley, which is conveniently right down the street from the student accommodations. Spice Alley is exactly how it sounds, the Alley offers a wide variety of food from places all over Asia. Spice Alley has food from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, and Vietnam, so there is definitely something new that I can try every time I go there. I personally like to get the Pad Thai from Bang Luck, it’s my favorite. You can also find some amazing food at one of the very many locally-owned cafes. I found that most of them offer a wide variety of things, but my favorite thing to get are the different variations of acai bowls. I can’t wait to try all of my other options in the city!


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