Interning Abroad

Even having previous internship experience, I was very unsure what to expect when interning here in Sydney because I have never worked or even traveled abroad! Most of my co-workers are extroverts which made making a connection with them come very quickly and naturally. Also, there are a lot of other interns who I work with, so it is nice interacting with people doing the same exact job that I do. I felt that it was easier to establish a connection with my manager because of the very relaxed work hierarchy that is common in many Australian companies. The biggest challenge that the office faced would be not having enough chairs in the office! The company I work for is relatively new and always expanding, so when there are a lot of people in at the same times on the same days, it can get kind of tight! Besides that, I personally have not encountered huge challenges in the workplace and that is because if I do run into a problem or am unsure about something I just ask. Asking for clarification or questions is welcomed in Australian work culture.

Advice that I would give others transitioning into an international internship would be to definitely do research, not only on the company you are going to be interning for, but the work culture in that country as well. It is better to be knowledgeable about where you are working and what is considered appropriate in order to be respectful to your managers, your co-workers, the company, and the country you are working in.