entry 9 – not a tourist

Hello again,

It has been around 80 days since I first landed in London for the semester. I have been around the city a good bit by now to be able to recommend my favorite parts of the city. So to start off, I’ll list my 3 favorite sites/spots to go in London!

  1. You won’t be disappointed when going to the middle of the city near Picadilly Circus. I would start at Regent’s Park and walk all the way down Regent St. where you’ll be amazed by the shops and architecture on this road. It makes 5th Ave of NYC look a bit lackluster in my opinion. After walking all along that street you’ll reach Picadilly Circus which is your mini version of Times Square, and then you can walk a bit further to reach Chinatown where you’ll find a plethora of good restaurants. If you keep on a little bit further you will reach Covent Garden which is also a very beautiful part of the city with many shops and cool scenes. This is a must see because you’ll begin to understand how fancy London is after walking around Regent Street.
  2. Sky Garden on the top of the Walkie Talkie building! I have been twice because the views are so incredible and its free! You just have to set up a reservation online a week or so beforehand and then you’re good to go. At the top you’ll have a view of the entire city with a 360 degree view. Take a camera and if you want there is a restaurant and a bar at the top, but prepare to pay a hefty price for those! This is a must see because you’ll have the best view in London and it costs you nothing.
  3. Harrod’s. Go. To. Harrod’s. It will blow your mind if its the first time you’re going. You will without a doubt get lost in this department store. I’m not even sure if it does justice calling it a department store. To me it is almost like a museum of any product you could want to buy. From art, to lights, to games, to electronics, to 25 thousand pound bottles of cognac. You MUST see Harrod’s if you are going to London because it will absolutely blow your mind on how beautiful they make shopping. No department store in the U.S. even comes close to this one.

Food wise I would say that you need to eat as much curry as you can find. I have eaten curry probably at least once a week and I couldn’t be happier. My favorite restaurant for this type of food would be Dishoom. It is extremely good and its a great place to go with friends and share a bunch of dishes. There are many locations but I would recommend going to the one in Shoreditch!

As for other recommendations, get Infatuation and that will give you a great guide of restaurants in London! Please contact me if you have any other questions on what I have written above. I hope it helps!


Until next time,