Outside Travel

One of the reasons I chose to study abroad in London was because of the access I had to travel to the rest of Europe. I’m fortunate enough to say I’ve taken advantage of that opportunity during my semester abroad in England! So far, I’ve been to Paris, Prague, Lisbon, Spain, Morocco, and will be going to Amsterdam in April and possibly Belgium. The weekend trips I’ve taken have been exhausting, but extremely rewarding. It’s been great to go with all of my roommates and stick with a big group of girls. A few tips for preparation include: outlet converters for different countries, changing currencies ahead of time, BOOKING ahead of time (it gets super expensive if you wait until the last minute), etc. Also, if you’re going to book flights and Airbnbs, it’s best to go through the private Internet windows so they don’t drive up the prices.

Be mindful of the customs of the country, and stick in groups when traveling.

As for obstacles, I’m not used to the language barrier being in London, but as long as you have an open-mind and limitless curiosity, everything is a learning experience.