Classes Abroad

I chose not to participate in an internship abroad, but I’m still taking classes towards my major and certificate while I’m in London. I’m working towards the certificate in International Business and will complete the program by the end of this semester. I find this experience enriching since my professors are all from England and have a different perspective on our courses. In the business classes that I’m taking, we work on group projects with students in different GBI locations, such as Italy and Australia. The classes here are more centered around participation and group work, rather than individual assignments. I like this system more since it emphasizes on interaction and group coordination. One challenge I faced here with my classes was keeping myself focuses. As much as I want to explore and travel in London, it’s important to remember that this is a semester for school. The classes here are rewarding as long as you put in work. I received A’s on all my midterms and assignments thus far (!!!), and have been enjoying the coursework since it’s focused on what I find the most interesting.