The City of London

London has been the most amazing, enriching, diverse, and culturally-stimulating city I’ve ever been to! It’s the most visited city in the world and leads the global economy. My top 3 favorite places in London include:

  1. Brick Lane – the best Indian food I’ve ever had and the coolest vintage shops surrounding the area! Also, the art in the area is beautiful. I went to Aladdin for Indian, but I heard Dishoom is the best place on Brick Lane.
  2. Harrod’s! The most beautiful store in the world that is an endless maze of beauty and fashion. You can get lost in there for hours looking at designer showcases and the unobtainable luxury. Apparently, the pizza restaurant in Harrod’s is to die for.
  3. Piccadilly Circus/Soho/Chinatown – a great area for restaurants/stores/pubs/and all things entertainment. It’s the most electric part of the city and is always busy. For bubble tea, Cuppacha in Chinatown is amazing, and a lot like Fuku Tea on Forbes in Pittsburgh.