Initially, I didn’t have any plans for Spring Break. I know I am in South America and I “should” be traveling around and exploring on my breaks, but I like my routine and have trouble breaking it. Also, I am trying to spend as little money as possible while I am here. One, to teach myself how to be more frugal in my spending (and show my dad I am not the spoiled girl I used to be). Two, because my gym, Dogpound, back in the US is rather expensive and I want to save up to buy as many sessions when I return home. I know this might seem stupid, but to me these things are really important, so I was willing to sacrifice a little fun over break.

Now, with that said, I was rather nervous about what I was going to do. It was Semana Santa here in Buenos Aires, a very holy week. And basically everything was going to be closed. This meant that I was going to be stuck with nothing to do for five days. And even though it was my decision not to take a trip, I was still worried.

Obviously, this is all in past tense, meaning I ended up traveling. Last minute on Wednesday, my friend asked me if I wanted to go to Montevideo, Uruguay with him for the weekend. It was super cheap—$125 USD for a round trip bus ticket and $45 USD for the stay at a hostel. I asked my parents and they were 100% on board. Plus, I think they were rather impressed that I wanted to go on a trip where I was going to stay in a hostel and travel by bus. Cheap travel is rather different then the luxury travel the Ranade family used to. I didn’t want to stay at home, and this trip wasn’t going to break the bank too much, so I decided to go.

On the bus off to Uruguay!

However, spur of the moment things, in general, are not that easy for me. Like I said, I am a planner and need my organization and routine. So even though I wanted to go, it was hard and very nerve racking. But Thursday night, I boarded that bus and off we were to Uruguay.

Honestly, it was really fun when we were there. We walked everywhere, which I loved. Montevideo is a rather small city. It was only about an hour walk in each direction. We leisurely strolled around, went to some beaches, saw the famous “MONTEVIDEO” letters, and took a walking tour of the old city.


Nothing was overly exciting, but it was all fun to see. The best part, though, was that I was experiencing it all before my dad. He travels all the time and for the first time, I was getting a stamp on my passport that he didn’t have.

One of the most popular beaches in Montevideo

We were only there for three days, so the few things we did occupied our whole time. Last thing to touch on though—the hostel. This was the real challenge for Evonna Skye Ranade. But honestly, I can say it wasn’t that bad. Now was it the luxurious Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo? Well, no. But for the price, it wasn’t that bad at all. It had a pretty nice, beachy feeling and was very relaxed. And the bunks were not just rows and rows of beds with a big communal bathroom like I expected. I was in a room with 6 beds and a bathroom. It was a bit dingy and had some bad lighting, but it was manageable. And on top of that, they gave us free breakfast too, so that definitely helped to save a couple of dollars.

I didn’t have the normal, wild college “spring break.” But, I was never going to. That just isn’t me. However, I did challenge and surprise myself. I took a step out of my comfort zone and broke the routine. I lived in a cheap and an economical way for a few days that just scraped by in meeting my needs.

Always repping Dogpound everywhere I go 🙂

But I did it and, on top of it all, I had fun, something I probably wouldn’t have felt if I had stuck to my original plan of staying home!