Dublin Dreamin’


Hi there! The names Danielle and I am currently a sophomore at the College of Business Administration at the University of Pittsburgh. I am majoring in Marketing & Supply Chain Management with a Certificate in Leadership & Ethics. Recently, I have been applying what I learned in the classroom in numerous internship experiences. I have worked as a graphic design intern for the Pittsburgh Folk Festival, MIC, and am currently interning with Pitt Athletics. Aside from that, I run my own graphic design business where I complete graphic design jobs for local entrepreneurs. So along with being interested in design, I have also been a dancer my whole life.  So as those two hobbies kind of hint to, I love the arts whether it be design, dance, theater, music etc.

For this summer I have chosen to travel across the Atlantic Ocean to Dublin, Ireland to complete the International Internship Program. I chose this program for many, various reasons. Personally, I have always loved to travel and have always been intrigued by Irish culture. In terms of furthering my academics, there is no better way to apply what I’ve learned in the classroom than through a real internship. Also, once I graduate, I hope to have a career that involves substantial work abroad with international clients. That being said, I saw this study abroad program as a great opportunity to work on my professional skills with an international client. I believe working with an international firm will really help me to build my skills to be effective in an international environment.

In terms of personal growth, I am excited (and a little nervous!) to be living without my family in a foreign country. Currently, my family lives in Pittsburgh, so even at university, I have never been too far from them. I would say this has inhibited me from learning how to live completely independently. I hope from this study abroad experience, I will truly learn how to live on my own. In addition, I want to work on my ability to adapt. By living in Pittsburgh the last few years, I feel like I have gotten very comfortable in this environment. Through changing scenery in Dublin, I hope to work on my ability to adapt to new environments.

Overall, I am very excited to embark on this journey. I already know its going to be an unforgettable experience and can’t wait for it to start!


See you soon Dublin!


Danielle Isenberg