International Internship Program in San Francisco

Hi everyone! My name is Gaeheun Ahn. I know it is hard to pronounce my name, so you can call me by my American name, Kenny. I am from South Korea and I first came to the United States in July 2013; It has been almost five years. I spent three years in Albuquerque, New Mexico, attending a community college. Why Albuquerque? Because I wanted to learn English. I didn’t want to go to a huge city where there are so many Koreans because I thought I will not be able to learn English much hanging around with them only. There were relatively few number of Koreans in Albuquerque and I was forced to speak English; that’s how I learned English. After graduating from the college, I transferred to the University of Pittsburgh. I am a senior now majoring in Finance. It has been almost two years since I came to Pittsburgh and I met so many nice people here! I think everyone in Pittsburgh is super kind and willing to help.

My career goal is to become a financial analyst in an international finance company. Since I am fluent in both Korean and English, I believe international finance companies are where I can maximize my abilities. Moreover, I want to make as many friends and coworkers as possible in the field of finance. I believe the more people you know, the more things you can learn.

I chose the International Internship Program in San Francisco. I know it is weird that San Francisco is included in an ‘international’ program, but I thought this was a perfect fit to me. The reason that I chose this program is because San Francisco is one of the financial hubs of the United States. The experience that I want to acquire the most is international finance experience. San Francisco is a hub that can connect to so many overseas countries which is the reason I want to cultivate my financial skills in the city. Moreover, I am already studying abroad; I will be working in the United States after graduation and therefore, I think obtaining experience in America is more important to me.

Through this program, I hope to develop personally. I want to cultivate my leadership and reinforce my patient and self-confidence. Secondly, I want to learn how to do things in the field of Finance. Honestly, I have never had a real-world financial experience in the United States. I believe this program will help me acquire the knowledge that I need to know to perform my job as a financial analyst.

I am very excited about this internship program. I hope that there will be a huge difference between me right now and me after the program. It’s nice to meet you all and I hope all students have great experience in their countries and programs!