Sunny with a Chance of I-Can’t-See-Anything-Fog

Hello everyone, I’m Yuting! I am a rising junior at the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh. As a person generally torn between two different yet very appealing subjects, I am majoring in Economics with a minor in Chemistry. To explore my interests further, I have been a student researcher in First and Continuing Experiences in Research and The Research Training Program Directed by the Office of Science Education Outreach. In my spare time, I enjoy playing the piano, drawing (insane) portraits, writing (unreadable) poetry, and solving (ridiculously long) riddles.

So why spend around three months 2578 miles away? I chose this program because by working as an intern, I hope to deepen my practical experience, giving me a hands-on opportunity to apply my knowledge outside of the classroom. Working in a company would sharpen and hone the skills I already have such as collecting and analyzing data, refining my time management skills, and doing academic writing. The internship program will also prepare me for my goals of attending graduate school and entering either business or science fields. Finally, this opportunity will strengthen my self-confidence to think independently, critically, and creatively as well as my self-reliance to take more personal responsibility for my actions.

And frankly another reason for interning away is that California is calling me…because I have not set foot there yet… and I should really try a mean cheesecake…

Well, that’s it for now. I cannot wait to begin my journey in the Golden City! I know it will be another defining chapter of my unfolding story. (Please anticipate my tan!)

Yuting Xiong