Hi, I’m Juan Bonetti and am originally from East Lansing Michigan (for those of you that don’t know, it’s about the center of the mitten), and my family is from Argentina. I have a passion for film, music, cooking, and whatever subject I find myself rabbit-holing down at the current moment. I’m currently enrolled to be a psychology and communications double major with a certificate in public and professional communications and digital media at the University of Pittsburgh. I have chosen to pursue this combination of degrees in order to best understand the mind of an audience, in my case the consumer. My ultimate goal is to eventually apply this knowledge to a career in marketing or public relations.

I am in the process of entering the Pitt Internship Abroad Dublin program, and have been placed at Headcase, a fantastic marketing firm. I cannot express how ecstatic I was when I looked over the company and saw that they put an emphasis on the application of the artistic community into their events. They even assist in the planning and content creation for a yearly local music festival!

I believe that having the opportunity to apply my knowledge in psychology and communications to the corporate objectives in my internship will further develop my understanding of the practical application of my major. This will enable me to recognize connections between subject material learned in class with the skills needed to succeed in the field I decide to pursue.

I hope to be able to not only grow professionally during my time in Dublin, but personally as well. Having grown up experiencing the difference between Argentine and American culture I have been able to appreciate the insight an understanding of a new set of cultural norms can give, and can only hope I can accomplish a small understanding of Irish culture in my 11 weeks abroad.

Feel free to reach out and connect with me on Linkedin to talk about my time abroad or anything marketing related!