entry 11 – finishing study abroad

It is really hard to put into words my entire experience abroad. I can start by saying it couldn’t have gone faster and I will always see this as the most fun I’ve had while in college. I got to travel a lot, make many close friends, and all while getting 4 courses completed that will put me closer to graduating. I got to learn a lot about myself and I learned a lot about living on your own in a foreign city.

I have learned that if I step outside my comfort zone and embrace new things then I find myself in many exciting and fun experiences. I also have learned that I can easily travel alone in the future and don’t have to worry about waiting for the right time and right people to go places with. I also have learned that I can put things off for a while when thinking I have more time to do it in the future. I learned that I take time for granted and need to do as much as I can the day I think about it.

Academically I have learned that I really do prefer class settings that are discussion based. Asking questions and not just listening to lectures really does teach me more and gets me much more engaged with the material being taught. Professionally I did not complete an internship but the challenges I ran into will help me when I find myself in challenging scenarios in the work place.

I will definitely take the knowledge about the UK and the different ways they approach international studies back to Pitt Business. Having this international approach will be very helpful; especially with Pitt Business’s slogan; “From the classroom. To the city. To the world”

I couldn’t be happier that I was able to do this experience and would like to thank everybody who helped make it happen. I am very gracious to the donors who were able to make this experience possible. If there’s anybody reading this who has any questions about my experience or if they’re studying abroad in the future and want any recommendations or advice please feel free to email me!


With that said, I’ll end this blog post with the usual. Until next time!

Andres Hoberman