The Start: IIP San Francisco


I am an international student from China and I am currently a sophomore in Business School of University of Pittsburgh. My major is Accounting, but I am also planning to take Business Information System and Marketing. I have taken most of the Business core classes, for examples, Financial and Managerial Accounting, Quantitative Methods, Managing in Complex Environment, etc., but I have not had an internship in Business before. When I heard about the International Internship Program in San Francisco, I thought it would be a good way for me to start my first internship. As an international student, I want to explore more parts of America. My friend has always told me that I should travel to San Francisco, because they said, “Once you are there, you will never want to come back. It’s so nice there!”. However, they were visitors that only have been there for a few days. I want to explore how it really is in San Francisco, and there is no better way than living and working there for months. My reason of why I am doing this internship program, similar to the reason why people want an internship, is that I want to understand how the real working environment is of my major. I want to be able to apply what I have learned so far at school to work, and I believe doing internship is the best way.

As a student that has never worked before, I am expecting IIP: San Francisco would help me prepare for the real working situation. I would be able to understand how the real Business word is like and get some work experience. What’s more, I can learn more about the industry of my major, have a better idea of what kinds of jobs are existing in the field and know what I want to do in the future, because the real working situation could be different from what people think sometimes. I think it’s very important to do a internship and get to learn about the job before I actually jump into it.

As the program goes, I will keep updating and I wish I can have a fantastic working experience in San Francisco.