Now Go – IIP San Francisco

My name is Elaine, I come from China and moved to Pittsburgh in June 2017. I have been lived in New York for two years before I moved to Pittsburgh. I still remembered the very moment the 16-year-old me had just landed in New York City from China with nothing but two 50 lbs suitcases: the bustling noise of the busy streets, the different, diverse looks of NYC pedestrians, the bright yet fierce glare of the summer sun…everything felt new, strange, a bit terrifying except for my deep down urge and determination to undertake challenges and explore my education and life on a foreign land.

I am currently a Junior student at University of Pittsburgh and majoring in Finance. I started with the Career Development and Placement Assistance office in January 2018 as an undergraduate Global Career Intern. Painting, dancing and reading are some of my hobbies. I hope to attend a graduate school after I graduates in 2019. With the passion to experience different cultures and find diverse inspiration, I aspire to work around the world in the future.

In terms of professional goals, I wish to enter an international invest banking or financial consulting company after graduation, and this International Internship Program at would be the most optimal platform for me to absorb a range of diverse and professional knowledge and skills in a short timeframe.

International internship program’s emphasis on the combination of foreign culture, critical thinking and professional practice appeal to me in particular, where my thirst of real-world experience and comprehensive knowledge can be satiated, modeling me into the next generation of financial leaders with an open mind, well-rounded training and global vision. I am currently in urgent need for higher level, specialized financial experience and intend to fully explore the finance industry including investment banking, strategic consulting, security and fund via this program.

I am looking forward to this new experience in my life at San Francisco, and if you have any questions please email me at