A Typical Day at the Office

This past semester I got the chance to intern at a record label. Here’s what a typical day was like.

9am: Wake Up

Depending on the night before, I probably got between 5-8 hours of sleep. Around 9 I’d get out of bed and hop in the shower. The shower head had a couple holes that sprayed the water sideways instead of straight and I was at the perfect height to make this hit me directly in the eye. Adjustments were futile as there was an awkward sloped ceiling above the bathtub that meant anyone showering had to stay in the same spot. Took me awhile to get used to but it was one of those things you don’t really think about outside of the moment that it happens in. Just wanted to share that with my friends at Pitt Business. (-:

9:40: Eat some foooooood

Around 9:40 I would make my way down to the kitchen to make myself some breakfast. As I was almost always running late, it usually consisted of a granola bar, yogurt, or various fruit items such as an apple or clementine. If I was feeling adventurous I’d stop at the Tesco Express (neighborhood grocery store) and grab a croissant. They got the best croissants across the pond and in mainland Europe. For all my croissant lovers out there, ya gotta make your way out there to try some European croissants. 10/10.

10am: Hop on the Tube

My commute to work was about an hour each way. I’d get on at my local neighborhood stop in Kilburn Park. From there I’d head southbound on the Bakerloo line. Then at Oxford Circus, I’d transfer to the central line and head to Leytonstone. This is where the office for the record label I worked at was located. In the mornings the ride wasn’t incredibly packed since I was traveling after the main commuters, and I usually prepared for work and read one of the Tube newspapers on the way there. I also spent this time listening to new music and analyzing my favorite parts in each song.

10:50: Walk to the Office

After I hopped off the tube I’d walk about 10 minutes to the office. This walk was usually  pleasant one past some shops, cafes, and a grammar school.

11am: Tea Time

By 11 I’d be in the door and ready for work. My boss Paul would always have some tea running and we’d chat for a few minutes over it before starting the day. This was always one of my favorite parts of work because we’d usually get into debates about different occurrences in the music industry and sometimes even political happenings across the world. These conversations really cemented my friendship with Paul and it didn’t take long for me to feel welcome at work.

11:15-2pm/3-6:30ish: Work Flow

During this time I would get some actual work done for the label. Work consisted of contacting BBC Radio, music blogs, music press at different outlets and magazines, market research, and a ton of other interesting activities. During this time I really got to see the ins and outs of the music industry. I helped plan, list and promote concerts in London as well as perform at 2 different venues myself. For these experiences I cannot thank Paul enough. He was a great mentor to me.

6:30/7: Head home

During this time the tube was usually packed. Some days I had to stand the entire hour because there were no seats open. Luckily it wasn’t during the super warm weather because the lines I was one were not air conditioned. I will not miss the lengthy commute but I will miss the silent, blissfulness of the efficient London Underground.