Von-Von’s Grocery Games

Okay well I didn’t actually play games at the grocery store, but I did spend quite a bit of time roaming around one of the larger grocery stores right by my home. And honestly I can say it was one of the most fun things I have done while I have been here. ranadee44.jpgMaybe it’s weird, but I just love the grocery store. It’s probably one of the weirdest things about me.

I really am not a fan of food. To me, it is probably one of the grossest things that exists. But for some reason, I have always been fascinated with the grocery store. I think it is tied back to a little bit of unconscious nostalgia. I have always been someone who needs to get out of the house during the day, even if it just for a short walk around the block. My mom said I was the same way as a baby. One thing we would do together is take a walk to our local Publix, walk up and down the aisles, and get what we needed for the night. My love for the grocery store might just be ingrained in my brain from some of the quality time I got to spend with my mom as a baby. Now, also as a marketing student, the grocery store is a fantastic place to see all the different concepts come to life, like point of purchase displays or forms of strategic integration with product placement and the brands carried. Whatever the reason, and despite my hate of food, I am always up for a little run to the supermarket.

Honestly, I’m surprised it has taken me this long to get myself to go, especially since it is only 2 blocks from my house. It definitely was not up to par of my beloved Wholefoods Tribeca in New York, but it was a nice cross between the Giant Eagle Market District and Trader Joe’s in East Liberty. There was a nice mix of private label and distribution brands with big name manufacturing brands that I know from back home. But honestly, the best part was the produce section. RanadeE45I love fruits and vegetables with all my heart. I don’t like food, but since eating is what gives me the health and energy to live life, fruits and vegetables are my go-to’s. Especially apples. And this supermarket, well, it had a plethora of nice, big red apples. I am pretty sure they were red delicious, which personally are my least favorite, but they were still beautiful apples. I couldn’t help but spend a good 10 minutes smelling the apples and figuring out which ones were the best. RanadeE46I wasn’t going to buy any of them, but it brought me back to last summer when I was teaching myself to like apples. I would spend lots of time trying to pick out the best ones. It became a weekly game for myself to sniff out an even better apple than last time. I know, it is kind of dumb, but it was really fun for me. Being able to be in Argentina, but reminisce a bit from the summer was really fun. And honestly, you can’t go wrong with smelling apples. Maybe it looks a little weird to the other customers, but it really is fun. I dare you to try it!RanadeE47

Anyway, the point of this post is not to just take you through my walk up and down the aisles. I don’t want to just fill a page with that. The reason I chose to write about my trip to the grocery store is to show that no matter where you go, there are always little things you can do to find a piece of home and comfort. Being in a new place is definitely about experiencing new things and getting in touch with the local culture. However, no matter what, you can’t lose sight of who you are. One of my life mottos is “I care about me, myself, and I.” Yes, it’s a bit pretentious, but I say this to myself to help keep me grounded. I need to do what it best for me, at all times and in all places. Sometimes these are big things, but other times, they are just the small little things in life that bring you joy. And for me, one of those little things is the grocery store. I love walking around the aisles and seeing everything the store is selling. RanadeE48I love the product displays and of course, I love smelling the apples. I have been in Argentina now for 8 weeks, halfway through my time here. And for the little while I was at the store, I brought myself back home for a bit. I have done tons of exploring Argentina and have so much time to explore some more. Right now, I just needed a little piece of comfort doing one of my favorite, little pass times.