Weekend in Berlin

Over this past weekend, I was so happy to finally be able to travel to Berlin with a few of my close friends. The trips was incredible and we were never without something fun to do in such an awesome city. Berlin being the capital of Germany, there were walks of life from all over the world who we saw there. Compared to other European cities, Berlin had a very american feel, similar to a city like New York. During WW2, a lot of the buildings were destroyed in Berlin forcing residents to completely rebuild the city. Because of this, many of the buildings had a more modern feel than traditional European cities like Vienna.

This made for an experience that was really unique and also reminded me a bit of home. The city has some of the most beautiful pieces of architecture that I have seen so far throughout my travels. My favorite part about Berlin is that the city is so integrated with nature. There are trees, parks, and bodies of whatever everywhere you go. The Tiergarten is the largest park in city and is nearly twice the size of central park in NY. We were able enjoy the relaxing scenery with a stop at a biergarten within the park which was so nice. Good quality German beer on a lake with plenty of locals.

Much of the city towards the east is still recovering from its communist controlled days during the Soviet era. It was as recent as 1990 that communist control of the east ceased, and it is apparent in every building, street, and feel of that area. But after being reunited with West Berlin, it was quickly made into an integral part of the city. There are so many things to see in regards to East Berlin including things like the Berlin Wall and the famous TV Tower which is larger than even the Eiffel Tower.

At night, Berlin is notorious for its club scene. We found that the subway was nearly empty at close to midnight, yet completely packed by 2am on the weekend. I can’t imagine living in Berlin and trying to keep up with the locals, but it was certainly fun to see it in action.

Overall, Berlin was a great experience that I am now able to check off my bucket list.