My Internship

Unfortunately no pictures with this one, but I thought it would be good to update how I’ve liked my internship so far.

In case you haven’t heard, I’ve been working 20 hours a week while studying abroad in London. I’ve been working at a company called inspiratia, who provide news and analysis on infrastructure and renewable energy financing deals. I’ve been working as a data research intern, collecting financial information from these acquisitions and financing deals to compile a new asset database that they were planning on adding to their website. In the beginning, I was simply collecting data and adding it to Excel, which certainly got a bit tedious after a month and change of solely working on that project.

However, one of my co-workers then started inviting me to work on some of the other time-sensitive projects that the rest of the office was working on, and this truly changed everything. I suddenly felt like I was an actual employee of the company, as I was taking part in weekly meetings, creating presentations to update clients of our progress, and I was even able to make my own sector report for one of our customers as well. I am truly grateful for the help and support that increasingly grew as the semester carried on, and I believe that I learned not only terms and lingo in the renewables and infrastructure industries, but I learned how to work in an international environment as well.

For example, out of the total of 15 workers or so in the office, I’d say about 5 or 6 were fluent in other languages, and used it to their advantage when communicating with French clients or Italian clients. I even learned that one of my co-workers never even learned how to drive, which was shocking to me, as every person I know back in the States knows how to drive. However, since he’s lived in London his whole life, and because the transportation network is so good, he never felt it was necessary for him.

I really would like to thank everyone at inspiratia for my time there: my experience there was priceless, and its because of all my co-workers efforts to integrate me into the company as best they could.

Cheers for now.