A Post Dedicated to: Food

Okay, so I’ve decided to spend the second to last post on some nice food recommendations!!


IMG_1565  IMG_1311

Since my time in Sydney, I have found a new love for dumplings. They are amazing, and I am so glad I had so many opportunities to eat them!! Places to go that I recommend: Din Tai Fung (in the Broadway Mall), which is pictured on the left. Those ones were soup dumplings, which I really enjoyed with some vinegar. Also, any of the places that are on Broadway Street are very good. There are SO many, and they are pretty small, so it’s hard to name them all. There is one that has a special deal, which is 16 dumplings for $7.90!!! Also: Dumpling Hut. UberEats is extremely popular here, and I have (on more than one occasion) ordered dumplings from there. I highly suggest the pan-seared pork dumplings and also the prawn dumplings! My friend and I literally ordered 33 dumplings the night we were studying for finals (I have to admit, they were pretty small).

2. Two Wolves: Community Catina

  IMG_1522  IMG_1532

The Two Wolves is located on Broadway Street and is a volunteer-driven social enterprise eatery & bar. The servers there are always so friendly, and it is such a nice environment to sit and relax at. They have amazing specials: half-off tacos on Tuesday (the pulled pork tacos are my favorite, but you cannot go wrong with chicken) and 50-cent chicken wings on Wednesdays. If you like pulled pork, you HAVE to get the pulled pork burrito (on the right). That was BY FAR the best burrito I have ever head.

3. Chinese Noodle Restaurant 


Okay, this place was awesome. My friend and I ended up ordering about three full meals, but it was worth it and we got extra to take home! We went to the Chinese Noodle Restaurant on Quay Street, which is a very short walk from Urbanest. We ordered the handmade noodles with porkmapo tofu, and then boiled and pan-seared pork dumplings (six of each). Yes, it was a lot food, but also yes, it was amazing. And as I mentioned before, you can never go wrong with pork dumplings!!!

4. Four Frogs Crêperie


Four Frogs opened in Sydney in 2013 and it was the first authentic French crêperie. You can get here super easily by taking the train and getting off at Circular Quay. Since it was brunch, I ended up ordering a galette, which I had never heard of before. In case you aren’t familiar, a galette is basically a savory crepe. I went with the bacon, egg, and Swiss cheese galette (pictured above). It was amazing and surprisingly very finished. I also split the Belgian chocolate and strawberry crepe, which was AMAZING. There is nothing better than a savory dish followed by a sweet dessert!

5. Spice Alley: Bang Luck Thai Street Food


I know that in my earlier posts I’ve mentioned Spice Alley. But I cannot stress it enough. This place is not only affordable, but there are so many different food options. Specifically, Bang Luck is my favorite street food option there– it is a mixture of Thai and Vietnamese street food. My absolute favorite dish is the Chicken Pad Thai (pictured above). I also got an order of vegetable dumplings, which were AMAZING. Another good option is Pad See Ew, which is stir-fried noodles.

My parents arrived today and the first thing they said was, “wow, there are so many places to get food.” There are SO many places for dining in and take out.

Pictured as my featured image: pan-seared pork dumplings and some noodles.