The Summer of a Lifetime

I’d like to start by discussing how truly lucky I am. I have been selected not only, to study abroad, but also, to receive a scholarship from Pitt Business for this summer.

My name is Megan Enright. I am a rising Junior pursuing a dual degree in Spanish (Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences) and in Marketing (College of Business Administration). I am originally from Connecticut and I am the only person from my high school to come to Pitt. When I am not in classes, I am a member of the University of Pittsburgh Marching Band (and I was recently selected to be section leader for the Alto Saxophones for the upcoming Fall 2018 season), I am a sister of Tau Beta Sigma (National Music-Service Sorority), I am an active participant in the Society for International Business, and I am the Marketing Director for the OCC Honorary Society for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year. When I am not studying or participating in clubs and other organizations, I enjoy hobbies such as: photography, reading, seeing movies, and hanging out with my friends.

In addition to my dual degrees in Marketing and Spanish, I am also pursuing the Certificate Program in International Business. This means that, despite the AP credits I came in with, summer classes are my friend. There are quite a lot of requirements to obtain these degrees, but the work is worth it. I am thoroughly enjoying my coursework and each year the topics get more and more interesting, as I get deeper into my majors.

In a professional sense, I am interested in International Business. More specifically, I am interested in working with international companies on marketing their brand and especially, their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) work. I am incredibly passionate about companies giving back. I want to help organizations showcase and expand their CSR programs. I also hope to utilize my knowledge of the Spanish language in my career, professionally and personally. When entering this field, I hope that it takes me on international travel. Travel is one of my greatest passions, and I want to continue to pursue it aggressively. I cannot think of a better way to understand, not only oneself, but also the world and other cultures, than traveling.

To continue on this topic, let me tell you about the study abroad program I will be participating in this summer; the ‘summer of a lifetime’ as my title so chees-ily puts it. This summer I will be studying abroad on the Panther Program, Pitt in Alcala, in Alcala de Henares, Spain. Alcala is a medieval town, just 30 minutes from Madrid, known as the birthplace of Cervantes, author of Don Quixote. This program spans two months, May 28 thru July 28. While in Alcala, I will be studying at the Franklin Institute, part of the University of Alcala.

On this experience I hope to learn and accomplish a great many things. I hope, first and foremost, to improve my language skills. There really is nothing better than immersion and homestays to improve on that! Improving on my language skills really is a personal, academic, and professional goal of mine. In other terms, I hope to take four courses that will help me complete my Spanish major, in a variety of topics, including Business Spanish! I also hope to continue to develop my independence and time management skills as I attempt to see the country and study. Lastly, I hope to utilize all the skills and information I learn on this experience in my personal life, my academic career, and my professional career.

I am going to end how I began; I am so incredibly grateful for these experiences, and I am beyond excited!