France-y Meeting You Here

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My name is Emily Reagan and I am an upcoming Junior at the University of Pittsburgh. I am currently studying Marketing with a minor in French, along with working for my certificates in International Business and American Sign Language (ASL). I hope after I graduate to get a job at an International Marketing Firm so that I can use all of the skills I have been studying towards something I love.

As for my home life, I come from Beaver, Pennsylvania; which is about 45 minutes north west of Pittsburgh. I am the second oldest of 8 children, 4 boys and 4 girls. Because I have such a large family, I have developed a very loud voice so that I can be heard. This, mixed with my constant energy and enthusiasm causes me to be a very loud and intimidating person (especially early in the morning!).

I love art, music, reading, and tv shows. And being the artsy outgoing person that I am, I also love to dye my hair different fun colors. My hair has been dyed 20 shades of blue, purple, green, cotton candy pink, fuchsia, and platinum blonde. But if I am not constantly changing the color of my hair, I am changing the style and cut. I have had every variation of a pixie cut one can imagine, along with having different parts of my head shaved into various styles. I love expressing myself through my hair because it shows my uniqueness and my carefree attitude. I don’t mind when people don’t like my hair, as long as I am or anyone else is doing what makes them happy, then I think that’s okay.

When it came to choosing a study abroad program, I wanted to pick something that matched me both academically and personally. When I saw the Pitt in Nantes program, I knew it was a perfect fit. It fulfills my french requirements, so after the program I will be able to finish my french minor through the program. I also believe that the program matches my personality because it is a program for outgoing people. The program requires that one speaks in french for a majority of the time and that they stay with their own host family. No two people will be staying with the same host family, so you are forced to interact with different people who do not speak your native language. This is perfect for me because I like to get outside of my comfort zone and challenge myself.

Overall for the program, I hope that I am able to enhance my language skills along with my knowledge of french culture and customs. This trip will really allow me to push myself in order to communicate and become friends with the people I am going to meet. With the program being six weeks long, it feels now like I will be there for such a long time. But I know that once I am there, it will go by so much faster than I will expect, so I hope that I can make every second count and have an amazing time learning and experiencing Nantes, France.

À plus!