The City of a Hundred Spires

Ahoj, My name is Samuel Flynn and I am excited to say this will be my first of many blog posts chronically the nearly 11 weeks I will be spending in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.

My great, great grandparents emigrated to the United States from Italy some 100 years ago, landing in Ellis Island and moving to Philadelphia soon after. This is where my great grandparents, my grandparents, my parents, and (finally) myself were all born and raised. I came to Pittsburgh in 2015 to attend Pitt, an undecided student with no particular plan. After some time I picked up economics as a major after finding it overwhelmingly intriguing and simultaneously confusing. Looking for another major to complement economics, I arrived at computer science, something which could not be further from economics, but I after experiencing a few classes of the topic I knew I had to study it as well, peaking my interests of both technology and mathematics. I am now a junior at Pitt and the longer I have been here the more I realized I simply do not know. I am now a Junior and have come to recognize that i have spent all of my life in either Philadelphia or Pittsburgh, two cities within the same state yet filled with differences. This is what made me realize how confined my perspective is and what inspired me to intern abroad this summer.

I decided upon Prague as my destination for a few reasons. The city is absolutely  stunning, and as one of the few cities untouched by WW II, I know I will get an authentic impression of the city, past and present. The Czech Republic is also in the center of Europe facilitating easy travel to other incredible countries and cities. The country also has a rich history and as it stands, has both western and eastern influences, pushing me further out of my comfort zone to explore other cultures. It also does not hurt that the city has a reputation for being incredibly cheap!

I chose an internship program because I believe it will help me grow both professionally and personally. Working a job in a foreign city will provide me with an experience I simply could not achieve in the States. I hope this opportunity will produce invaluable professional knowledge revolving around the everyday business procedures I do not even know of yet. Furthermore I hope my living in the city will push me to understand the world in ways I never considered, pursue thoughts I did not recognize before, and look internally through the contexts of my surroundings to experience life differently.

I am enthusiastic to say the least!