Dylan to Münich!

My name is Dylan Schumer and I am a Sophomore in the Accounting and Business Information Systems majors, pursuing a minor in German and a certificate in Leadership and Ethics. I am also a 3rd year Cadet in Army ROTC. I have always wanted to travel and Pitt has given me that opportunity! In the future, as an accountant in the auditing field and officer in the Army, I strive to incorporate international travel into my career and this program will prepare me for that.

I am participating in the Pitt in Münich program with my classmates to further my studies of the German language and culture. My first study abroad experience to Berlin, Germany during my freshman summer was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my college career. Learning about the country and becoming acquainted with the evolving business environment led me to take a greater interest in the German language and culture. I hope to continue to explore the world through my travels with this program, continue to master the German language as much as possible, and create a network of knowledgeable contacts from various parts of the globe.