Sunset For My Semester Abroad: Thoughts and Takeaways

I just left Sydney and I miss it already. Studying in Sydney has been one of best decisions I’ve made in college. By being in Sydney, I feel like I’ve developed a better understanding of the world around me outside of the US. In the world we live in today, no man or country is an island. The world is becoming increasingly globalized and international. It is hard for countries to survive on their own.

Additionally, I’ve learned so much about the world by traveling and experiencing different cultures. Around the world, people are people. Although there may be some cultural differences, we are all the same and want the same things. My most impactful experience with this was with my tour guide in Bali. Being the same age, we had a good conversation about his life and our aspirations. He was telling me how being a tour guide is only a stepping stone for his future plans of owning and managing a hotel. He just needed to attend college and get educated before he could achieve his dream. I found his story similar to myself and many others and empathized with him heavily. Everybody is hoping for the same thing we just need to take take a moment to acknowledge that.

By studying abroad, I also feel that I’ve grown a certain confidence. I’ve lived and worked thousands of miles away from home, travelled to foreign countries and gotten lost in them many times. From these experiences, I feel that going forward I can take on any challenge I face. I can now confidently say ‘
I’m an experienced traveler and can be savvy while abroad.

Overall, studying in Sydney has opened my eyes to the world. I’m sad to leave the city that has shown me so much but I’m excited for what’s to come. In the future I know I will be abroad again, I just need to decide where to next.