From Pittsburgh To Japan

Hello! I’m Zhiyun Qi and my English name is Verina. I’m from China and I’m currently in the business school. My major is Global Management and I’m also minoring in Japanese to accompany with my major. I wasn’t quite sure about what I’m going to major at my freshman year. So I took a lot of art and science classes to find out what i want to learn in the future and i finally decided to go into the business school at the end of my sophomore year. I learned a lot of languages and I found out that I’m very interested in learning languages and studying business-related knowledge. So, the major of Global Mangement really is a good fit for me because it is a combination of language and business.

Besides having a great interest in learning new languages and studying business, i spend most of my leisure time singing and playing the guitar. Music is my biggest hobby since i was born and i enjoy the feeling of listenning to music and singing along with it. I also started learning playing the piano when I was five but i seldom have time to practice it now. My next favorite thing is eating and i believe most people have this same hobby with me. I could be happy for a whole day if I have something delicious on that day. I also like to do some yoga after dinner to keep fit. I do run sometims but not too often, perhaps one or two times a week.

I’m going to Pitt in Japan Program this summer starting from the beginning of June to the beginning of July and this is really exciting for me. I have gone to Japan two years ago with the travel agency. The culture, the people and the environment there are all so fascinated. People are polite and friendly; the place  is clean is comfortable; the culture is very interesting and attracted. I only spent 10 days there so i still wanted to see more. There are mainly two reasons that I decided to go to this program. One of the reasons is because studying abroad is my major requirement that i have to fulfill. The other reason is that i really like Japanese culture, its language and the country. Perhaps there are many similaries between chinese and japanese, so i feel comfortable in learning japanese for the most part. From this program, i want to enhance my japanese language skill and learn some more new things in Japan both culturally and academically. My next big goal is to make some japanese friends while i’m there. Since i’m learning business and Japan is very good at managing business, there are certainly something that i can study from the way they organize their business. Also, with the classes that i will be taking in this program, i can also develop a comprehensive knowledge backgrouns of Japanese culture and Japanese culture. With all these being said, I’m looking forward to attend this program in June!