London: My Portal to the World

Hello! My name is Louis Cherry, and I am an Accounting student going into my senior year in the upcoming fall semester. I am also pursuing a minor in music at the University of Pittsburgh. A little bit about myself, I am a devout Catholic, I love to play chess and pool, and I spend a lot of my free time composing music. My future goals involve becoming a CPA and working in the Financial Accounting department of a corporate company. Down the road, I would like to open my own small business. The business I would like to have would be a music store or a guitar shop.

This summer I have the wonderful opportunity to participate in the London International Accounting Issues study abroad program. This program will be discussing the issues that arise in accounting in an international setting. This could be anything between the difference between the Financial Accounting Standards Board (USA Accounting Principals) and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB, International Accounting Principles) to how the new US Tax Code effects international accounting.

I know that I will learn a lot from this program academically, personally, and professionally. However, a few things that I hope to gain are a greater appreciation of the world we live in, a better understanding of global business in my field of study, and to gain professional skills that I can carry to my future career.

One reason why it is so exciting to be  studying in London is because it is the portal the world outside North America. Once I am in London, it can be extremely easy to have new experiences because of its proximity and diversity. Through this proximity and diversity, without having to travel so far away, I can come to appreciate the world around me. I hope to learn how to really integrate myself as someone living in London in the short period of time I am there. I want to interact with the local people, make friends, and learn the culture there. By settling into where I live I can learn how life may be different for others and how it also may be the same. This allows me to grow in greater connection to those around me, especially people different from myself.

Through the class I am taking, I have the chance to learn about accounting through experiential learning. London could be considered the heart of international accounting because of the IASB’s main location
in London. The experiential learning component of this class is the inclusion of site visits to places such as the IASB. Experiential learning turns information into something tangible that is pragmatic and applicable. I believe this is important to education because it provides context to the career that I am pursuing.

Lastly, I will have an internship at a non-profit called CLIC Sargent in London. They provide support for children diagnosed with cancer. I am excited to learn about Financial Accounting in a non-profit context because it gives a greater picture of how with my career I can truly help others and make a difference. I also would like to take this chance to develop myself professionally, especially in transferable skills. This ranges from leadership to networking and communication.

With all of this in mind, I am very excited to make my way over to London. I will see you again when I arrive!