The Countdown to London


My name is Stetson Fenster, and I am thrilled that I get to share my journey with you! I am a rising sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh.  My desire at Pitt is to complete my accounting degree through an accelerated program that allows me to finish my undergraduate studies in three years and then complete my graduate degree in the fourth year.  After graduating, I hope to stay in Pittsburgh and work in the public accounting sector. In my free time, you will find me bringing people together for events, working out, and spending time in the great outdoors.  This year I became heavily involved with Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) as well as the University of Pittsburgh Accounting Association.  On the weekends, I referee youth and adult soccer matches in the Pittsburgh community. My first two semesters taught me a lot about myself, other individual’s cultures, and the world. This last part, the world, is the reason why I am pursuing the opportunity to study abroad this summer.  Because of this 3+1 accelerated accounting program, I will be studying abroad immediately after my freshman year.

I am honored to be a part of GBI London: Issues in International Accounting for six weeks this summer. There is no better city than London to learn about international firms, markets, and regulators.  During my time abroad, I will take two classes: an accounting elective surveying the challenges of international accounting and a foreign culture general elective. Because of my passion for accounting, I am ecstatic to be taking an accounting class, taught by a Pitt professor, in London.  The class will focus on key issues surrounding international accounting and will materialize through class presentations as well as through site visits in the city.  A few notable stops are the International Accounting Standards Board, E&Y, PWC, and the Bank of England.

My classmates and I will be living together in apartment-style arrangements, or flats as they are referred to by Londoners, in the heart of London.  Personally, I am excited to mature as a young adult.  Living, cooking, and taking classes in a foreign country will require me to balance my time effectively. In terms of academics, I want to continue my education over the summer to remain eligible to graduate in three years.  College is an expensive investment and studying abroad allows me to see the world while also working to complete my degree early.  As a business student, I recognize the need for professional networking. While abroad, I hope to meet some incredible people, gain a new perspective on accounting, and build my network to span the globe.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you all during my trip.  The classes I take, the people I meet, and the experiences I will have will be priceless.  My six weeks abroad will certainly be the highlight of the summer and something I will never forget.


Stetson Fenster