Flat 5

Today’s Post will be all about the now infamous members of Kilburn Flat 5. Over the course of 4 months the 8 of us became closer than any of us could have anticipated, and we will always be close friends. The 8 of us came from all around the United States and were able to share our different regional cultures, perceptions, and insights as we took on London together.

Our Geographic Make-Up

The 8 of us were from very different regions of the United States. Baylen, my roommate, Clay and I, all came from Pennsylvania. Clay being from Pittsburgh, Baylen from Philly and myself from Harrisburg, we pretty much covered the entire state East-to-West. We taught our roommates about the great Sheetz-Wawa debate and other great Pennsylvanian topics.

Our roommate Griffin came from Louisiana, and is currently attending Ole Miss where he is studying Public Policy and Journalism. Griff is a member of Kappa Alpha Fraternity and an active member of the student body government at Ole Miss. During his time in London, he interned in Westminster with the British Parliament, working for the Labor Party. During this internship he was able to meet Jeremy Corby, the labor party leader, twice. Griffin loves his Spicy Basil and will go on to someday be President of the United States.

Our next two roommates, Kevin and Mitch, are from Minnesota. Surprisingly, neither of them had the classic Minnesota accent, but we still teased them about it anyways. Mitch is studying Journalism at Kansas while Kevin is studying Communications at University of Minnesota. These two are huge Twins fans, and were more than salty about the Vikings getting crushed by the Eagles in the NFC Championship Game.


Last but not least, there was Bob and Jorgen. This dynamic duo hailed from Salt Lake City Utah. Bob looks eerily similar to Kevin Bacon, and talks like he was raised on a beach in California. His laid back attitude and affinity for streetwear and culture made our conversations very memorable. His roommate and pal Jorgen was also just as memorable. Almost overnight, Jorgen developed a dependency on Oreos and would eat about 10 a night. We attempted to hold an intervention for him but sadly he still kept his habit. Jorgen, Bob, Baylen and I made up the fourth floor of our flat, which made for some entertaining debates throughout the semester. I will miss living with them.


A Typical Flat 5 Day

On any given night, you could find at least 3 roommates playing Fortnite after getting off from work. The kitchen would be filled with Baylen, Bob, and Jorgen, cooking some sort of meal Baylen had prepped earlier in the day. You could find music blaring from my room, and a lively atmosphere throughout the entire flat. As a flat, we traveled Central Europe together over Spring Break. Throughout the semester I shared many laughs and memories with this crew and it will always hold fond memories in my head as life goes on and I grow older. To my roommates, thanks for making last semester such a memorable one. It wouldn’t have been half the trip without you.

My favorite memory: the laundry cart incident.