Genoa, Here I come!

Ciao! My name is Marc Lucci and I am honored to have the privilege to study this summer in Genoa. Being of Italian heritage, I love all things Italian and am looking forward to being immersed in the culture for 6 weeks. The reason I decided on the Genoa program is because it is not a tourist trap like other Italian cities and will force me to speak mostly Italian. Being completely emerged in the language will be invaluable to my language skills. Also integrates into my academic interests and areas of studies in more ways than one. I am a dual-major in Finance and Italian Studies with a minor in economics, a certification in International Business, and a certification in Western European Studies concentrating on European Humanities.

This program will allow me to develop personally in communication, strategic planning and development, intercultural aptitudes, ability to look at problems and circumstances with a unique perspective, and self-reliance. I believe studying in another country is one of the best ways to achieve these developments.  By having to communicate with others in a different language, I will better my understanding of communication in my native tongue. I will develop my global competency, allowing me to view problems and people from a unique perspective and awareness. As today’s economy is becoming almost exclusively global, this skill will be invaluable to develop. I wish to gain a better understanding of the world and other cultures, allowing me to put myself in others shoes when making decisions. In addition, I will develop my confidence by pushing myself outside of my comfort level.  I look forward to learning more about myself and discovering things about myself that I have yet to discover.

It will also prepare me for my post-graduate goals. Most importantly, it will help me peruse my doctorate in finance. Besides common financial theories such as the Asset Pricing Model, I am interested in mathematical financial models dealing with quantum physics and Bachelier’s models of probability. Galileo Galilei, being the father of modern physics, made these modern theories possible with his revolutionary discoveries. Italy has been the home of many great scientist who inadvertently helped create the theories we use in finance today.  There are many more examples dealing with the Florin and the start of modern economics in Florence. By studying Italian history and cultural, I will be able to apply those areas to my other areas of studies and interests. Just as Galileo’s understanding of chiaroscuro, the study of light and shade in drawing, helped him to draw and understand the moon, so will my studies abroad help me in my post-graduate endeavors.

I am looking forward to my travel to Italy and keeping everybody updated!