Previewing My Trip Abroad


My name is John Heaton, and as you have probably guessed I’ll be studying abroad this summer.  I’m a rising Junior here at the University of Pittsburgh on track to major in Accounting and Finance with a minor in Economics.  My goal is to get my Masters in Accounting Degree and enter the public accounting field in and around the Pittsburgh area in the next three years.  Aside from my academics, I am a big sports fan.  My free time is typically rooted in rooting for my favorite teams (Kansas City Royals, Pittsburgh Steelers, and of course the Pittsburgh Panthers).  I am also a huge motorsports fan, enjoying F1, Indycar, and NASCAR.  During my time in London I hope to enjoy a soccer match or two alongside my studies.

In two weeks, my program, GBI London: International Accounting Issues will begin and I cannot wait.  I will be taking one course: Survey of International Accounting Issues and the IASB.  Taught by Pitt’s own Brian Hogan, this course will allow my classmates and I to examine the differences between GAAP and IFRS, the two main accounting standards used around the world.  We will also be engaging in site visits to places like the Bank of England and the International Accounting Standards Board.

Along with that, I will be partaking in an internship in London.  While I have not learned the location of my internship yet, I am excited about the opportunities it will bring to better my workplace skills and develop myself professionally.  Improving my communication and leadership skills in a foreign culture will give me a perspective many others my age do not have an opportunity to develop, and I am looking forward to having that opportunity.

Other than the assigned aspects of this study abroad opportunity, I am looking forward to having experiences that last a lifetime and developing relationships with my classmates and other Londoners.  While the task of balancing employment, academics, and social life will be a difficult task in a large city with strenuous commutes, I look forward to the challenge and being able to bring those time management skills back.  I will also have to find time for myself in-between all of that, but I am more than ready to accept that challenge.

I am excited to be able to share my trip abroad with all of you.  This will be an experience I never forget!

Thank you,

John Heaton