Weekend in Melbourne

I recently took a trip to the nearby city of Melbourne, Australia to get a taste of how it differed from Sydney. After speaking with my teachers and several locals it is apparent that a very strong rivalry exists between Sydney and Melbourne, with people from each city claiming theirs to be superior.

The first difference I noticed was the weather. Melbourne is South of Sydney and as a result is notably colder. The beaches in Melbourne were far fewer in number and were not crawling with surfers and casual swimmers as they are in Sydney.

The city itself had a very different look and feel to it. Both cities most amazing coastal views but are structurally very different. Melbourne appeared to be less sprawled out then Sydney and the architecture was much more uniform and modern. One amazing thing Melbourne has over Sydney is the stunning Great Ocean Road. My friends and I rented a car and drove the entire road. It took up an entire day but was definitely worth the time.

Both cities are very expensive so that area is a wash for me. The vibe of Melbourne was a little bit more relaxed and younger. Sydney seemed a little more business driven, while Melbourne felt more laid back.

I very much enjoyed my time in Melbourne and although I was not there long enough to develop a fully educated opinion of it, I did come to a verdict. It is my belief that Sydney reigns supreme. The beaches and the weather in Sydney were the deciding factors, coupled with the greatness of Sydney’s harbor. I wish I could’ve spent more time in Melbourne but I’m glad Sydney was my home.