London – April (2)

My experience in London has unfortunately come to an end! It was the best four months of my life that I’m so fortunate to experience. I wouldn’t change anything about it and I’m so happy I chose London as my city to study. I think the lack of a language barrier made a huge difference for me as a place to get comfortable, but the fact that the city is so inclusive of diversity made it so interesting. I believe I had grown as an individual that is more comfortable with the idea of uncertainty and individuality. My time abroad has made me become more comfortable outside of my comfort zone. Being in a foreign city with no friends from home widens an open mind. I believe that academically I have been challenged and rewarded. Being able to learn about a global economy and international business while studying in a financially developed, technologically advanced city like London was rewarding. I first-hand experienced the city and all of the business it has to offer. My courses abroad were towards the Certificate in International Business and they were catered to develop my understanding of a global city. Aside from the coursework, I learned more about time management, organizational skills, and prioritizing while abroad. I will be able to take these skills back with me to Pitt as well as my academic understanding of such an amazing city.