London – April

My time in London has been rewarding in a magnitude of ways. I believe I grew personally, academically, and professionally. I was lucky enough to have 7 amazing roommates (it was entirely random) who positively contributed to my time abroad. I saw wonderful cities, tried amazing foods, and made some of the best memories of my college career while in London. It truly was the best semester I’ve ever had, and some of the best few months of my life thus far. I wouldn’t change anything about my semester. However, there were a few challenges along the way. Adjusting to a new city, life, friend group, can be extremely difficult, but I was able to conquer any negative emotions with an open-mind and great support that I surrounded myself with. Adjusting to this new schedule and city can be stressful since there’s not much that’s familiar about home.

My advice to future students studying abroad is to keep the positive things close to you. I grew so close with my roommates because I wanted a positive environment to live in. I also called my parents a few times a day to keep them updated on my life and to hear about theirs. It’s hard being an ocean away, but technology can help make a family feel closer. I also believe saying “yes” to any and every opportunity to explore helped keep me busy and intrigued while in the city. I constantly wanted to try new experiences, because London is a massive city and I still did not see everything that I wanted to in four months. By being open-minded about the city I was living in, and taking every chance to see more of it, I left with some of the best memories throughout my time abroad.