Preparing for France

Salut tout le monde!
My name is Kailey Clapp and I’m from a suburb of Chicago. Currently, I am a rising junior at the University of Pittsburgh where I’m majoring in Marketing and Supply Chain Management. In addition, I’m minoring in French and working towards the Certificate Program in International Business. My minor and certificate are the reason that I decided to study abroad for the summer, particularly in Nantes, France. I decided that Pitt in Nantes was the best study abroad option for me because completing the six week, six credit program will allow me to complete my French minor and certain parts of my international certificate. Because I want to work abroad in the fashion industry after graduation, I also think that a study abroad in France will adjust me to this future career path.
Over the next few weeks I will be getting ready to depart for France. During the Pitt in Nantes program I’ll spend six weeks taking courses and living with a host family while enriching myself in the cultures and customs of France’s western coast. During this time, I have to rely only on my ability to speak and comprehend French at school, at home, and within the city. Although I know this will be a challenge, it’s a challenge that I am excited about. Not only will my French improve immensely (hopefully), but I’ll also be able experience living in a French city rather than hear about it from my classrooms in the US.
In my classes at the IES Nantes Center, I get to study two subjects: advanced stylistics and grammar and art history of Nantes. Although I thought my days of learning and practicing grammar were behind after Seminar and Comp, I’m looking forward to improving my writing and speaking skills. On the other hand, I’ve never taken an art history class, and while I’m not completely sure what I’m in store for, I am excited for the chance to learn something new. I should probably learn some art terms in French before I go though!
Outside of the classroom, I have a wide variety of activities I like doing. My favorite, however, is listening to music—I can almost always be seen with my earbuds in! I’ve also always wanted to play an instrument, but since I grew up playing sports I never had the time to learn. To fix that, I recently started teaching myself piano, and although I’m still pretty bad, I have made some progress. In addition, I love going to concerts. Whenever a band I like is coming to town, I try to get tickets with my friends. I have already started looking at concerts in France and hope to see some local bands as well while I’m abroad.
A more recent interest of mine has been cooking. I lived in my first apartment last year, so last summer I spent a lot of time with my grandparents (who are master chefs) learning new recipes. When I exchanged emails with my host family last week, they told me that they also love cooking and can’t wait to show me some local recipes.
Overall, I’m so excited to be going abroad, and I can’t wait to get to know a new city with my peers and host family!
À plus tard!