Intro Post




My name is Amanda Petriano but I like to go by the nickname of Mandi. I am from Beaver, Pennsylvania. Before attending the University of Pittsburgh I served in the United States Army Reserves. I spent my time in the military working as a Human Resources Specialist along with Postal.

I just finished up my sophomore year and will be participating in the Global Business Institute London: International Accounting Issues study abroad program.  During the study abroad program I will learn about different accounting issues in London and work a part time internship. I will also have the opportunity to attend site visits at numerous companies. I am looking forward to gaining exposure and making connections. This will be my first internship which will allow me to get my foot in the door. After gaining professional experience in London I will be able to speak on the skills I have gained in any professional or personal setting.

I chose this program because I want to become more cultured and have a learning/work experience different than something I would receive in the United States. Gaining the exposure to a different part of the world will help me in my future career. I want to travel in college because I will gain independence, a stronger work ethic, and It will broaden my cultural identity. As a student pursuing an accounting degree I feel as though this opportunity is the best one available for me. I am looking forward to developing personally by gaining a new understanding of cultural values. I will also become more confident as I learn to navigate and become accustom to the different culture and values. After gaining this confidence I feel as though I will be more successful in a workplace and carry myself more proudly. This program will also help strengthen my leadership and teamwork skills. Living with other students will allow us to take on difficult tasks together. Leadership styles differ from one country to another; through this experience I will gain experience working with different leadership styles. Learning different leadership styles will give me the ability to manage a group of people more efficiently. Beyond the skills I will gain, I will also boost my emotional development. It is a difficult task take on a new country and learning how to adapt and succeed will prepare me for future tough situations.

I have never had the opportunity to go to London therefor I feel very fortunate to be participating in this program.

Thanks for listening!