Internship Abroad

The internship opportunity offered to me was an excellent way for me to expand my network and gain experience in a field that I was considering. My internship for this semester is at an Australian company called APG & Co. The main brand runs three sub brands for the fashion brands Sportscraft, Saba, and Jag. I am currently working with the marketing department. Before arriving to Sydney, I was extremely nervous as I was afraid that I would be underqualified for the position, however, the transition was fairly simple as my day to day tasks were particularly straightforward. However, taking part in this internship really allowed me to learn new skills outside of the classroom.

In addition to the smooth transition, I was able to get along with my coworkers very well. I am currently interning with another student in the program, which is very comforting as I was afraid that I would be the only intern at the company. In addition to working with another intern, I currently work alongside five other employees on the marketing team, each with a different role. All of the employees on the marketing team were very clear and straightforward with their given tasks, so this really allowed for me to dodge any obstacles that may have appeared during my work days. Additionally, they were all very helpful if I came across any problems.

Ultimately, transitioning into an international internship is similar to going into a domestic internship. I was nervous going into the internship, however, I think I was just over thinking the situation. The internship is very helpful because it allowed me to gain new skills and knowledge about the retail industry in addition to expanding my network. Taking part in an internship abroad really allows students to gain professional skills in addition to gaining knowledge about another country’s work culture.