Summer in “Straya”

G’day mate!

My name is Kerianne Kistner and I am a rising junior studying marketing here at the University of Pittsburgh! During my four semesters on campus, I have tried to make the most of my time as a Pitt student by becoming involved in the clubs that are offered. I partake in the American Marketing Association and Sports Business Association, which are both organizations that perfectly balance professional development and social activities within the business school to help me further achieve my goals.

When I am not in the city of Pittsburgh rooting for the Panthers, I can be found cheering for my favorite teams in my hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Although I am a city girl at heart, my summers are usually spent away from the hustle and on the quiet beaches of Ocean City, New Jersey.  However, this upcoming summer, I will be spending six weeks in a beautiful city that is the perfect combination of city life and a relaxing lifestyle: Sydney, Australia!

After a long flight to the other side of the world, I will finally be able to start my adventure in Australia, where I am participating in the Global Business Institute: Sports Business Program. During this unique six-week program, I will have the opportunity to take a Sports Marketing course and also participate in an internship. These amazing opportunities will not only help me to grow in my academic and professional career, but also help me to develop and advance as a cultural student and businesswoman. This program allows me to completely step out of my comfort zone and walk into a foreign classroom setting and work environment, where I will have to be able to quickly learn and adapt to new surroundings in order to succeed. Through this program, I hope to improve upon my communication and problem solving skills. As a student and worker in a foreign city, it will become imperative for me to be able to communicate to locals and solve difficult problems, whether it be in the office setting or in the city streets. I will also be able to improve upon and utilize time management skills so that I can make most of my time spent in the land down under.

The primary reason I chose to participate in this particular program is simple: I am a sports fanatic. Ever since I was younger, I was drawn to the sports world, whether it be on the professional or recreational level. As I got older, I realized that I could capitalize on this interest by combining my love of sports with my love of marketing to make a career. I knew that the sports industry was the place for me and what better place to explore the industry than in Sydney, one of the most sports crazed cities in the world!

Another influential reason I chose to travel across the world for my study abroad experience is because of the Australian way of life. I am very intrigued by the culture in Australia, especially Sydney, and their ability to balance work, family, and fun. As more of a laid back and easygoing individual, I know I will be able to quickly adapt and love the Aussie lifestyle. I look forward to finishing a rewarding day at the office or class and stopping to take in the all of the sights and sounds that Australia has to offer.

That’s all for now, mates! I can’t wait to share my study abroad experience with all of you, so stay tuned for more. Next stop: Sydney!