To the World: London!

Hello! I am Kevin Deegan and I am currently heading into my junior year in the College of Business Administration this upcoming fall. I am excited to be spending 6 weeks this summer interning and learning in London! I am a Finance and BIS major while also pursuing a Certificate in Leadership and Ethics and a minor in Economics. I am thrilled to be able to participate in this program and cannot wait for my departure in two weeks!

With my background in Finance, I have been placed in an internship at Weller Media Agency in their Finance department. WMA is a digital creative agency working in the music and entertainment industry and has been rapidly growing since its founding. This is the perfect placement for me, as music is one of my passions in life. I look forward to working in a fast-paced environment with an established firm in this industry. I also am excited to have my first true internship, especially in a field that I may wish to follow once I begin my career. I have enjoyed my Finance classes that I have taken at Pitt and it will be great to finally put all that I have learned into use when I begin at WMA this summer.

As I stated before, I will be in London for 6 weeks, participating in the Summer 1 session of the GBI London trip. I have chosen this trip because London is one of the largest financial hubs in the world and I will gain valuable experience from this trip that I will be able to use for the rest of my career. Along with my internship, I will be taking Intro to Shakespeare to satisfy a Literature requirement for my transcript. I am excited for this as it will be an amazing experience to learn about Shakespeare while in London. I will even get to see a few plays at a theater throughout my trip!

I am very excited to begin my summer in London. This will be my first time leaving the country, my first time in a professional internship, and my first time living in a major city. These many firsts can seem daunting, but I am looking forward to the new challenges I will face and overcome while living and studying abroad. I am glad to be taking this journey and I will be sure to update my blog a few times over the course of my program to show everyone all of the things I am working on! I hope you get the chance to follow along with me!