Where To Now? London!

Hello! My name is Jenny Bodine and I am a rising junior at the University of Pittsburgh studying Accounting and Finance with an Economics minor. I am from Sewickley, PA and have grown up near Pittsburgh. I still can’t believe how fast my first two years have gone at Pitt! I have been lucky enough to be a part of Women in Business, Beta Alpha Psi (an honorary accounting organization), and will be serving as the Vice President of Compliance for Phi Beta Lambda, a professional business organization, for this upcoming school year. The city is also so full of new and exciting adventures off-campus, and I know that this will only be enhanced in a major city such as London!

I am beyond excited to head to London for 6 weeks this summer! I will be participating in both a class, International Accounting Issues, and a professional internship while abroad. I knew from the beginning of my collegiate career that I wanted to study abroad, and the summer session worked perfectly with my schedule and the amount of credits I need in order to get my CPA when I graduate. I have never traveled abroad which makes this experience a little nerve wracking, but ultimately a dream come true. I have also always held a soft spot in my heart for London as my dad used to travel there for work when I was younger and return to us with stories galore.

Taking a combination of class and internship while abroad will be able to give me both technical head knowledge while also presenting me with hands-on opportunity to use what I know. I have never held a professional internship before, so I will once again be in uncharted territory! I am so grateful to be able to have the experience of an internship abroad and be able to learn about international business in a close and personal manner. All by working in a major finance and accounting hub none the less.

Being in a major city such as London also presents an exorbitant amount of cultural opportunities. I will be living in an apartment in the city and am eager for the experience of living and fully merging into city life. I may not be the best at public transportation, but I am hoping to somewhat quickly get a handle on the Tube as it is a key component to getting around! There is such a rich history to the city, and the country as a whole, that I am excited to learn about while there.

Participating in so many firsts may be a little daunting, but the potential benefits of this opportunity greatly outweighs the nerves. The ability to learn in an international environment and grow professionally, while also pursing academic growth, and pushing myself way outside my comfort zone to develop personally, is too special to pass up. And, I get to do it all while sipping on tea and indulging in some fish and chips. What could be better than that?

Thank you!

Jenny Bodine