Next Stop: Sydney!


Welcome! My name is Jonathan Khym. I am a rising Junior at the University of Pittsburgh hailing from Ardsley, New York. I am majoring in Accounting and Finance as I am very interested in both fields. I also plan on earning a minor in economics. I am currently a member of the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity as well as the Sports Business Association. I have many hobbies including sports, traveling, and food!

I am lucky to be able to embark on the GBI study abroad program in Sydney. This program was at the top of my list as I have always dreamt of visiting Australia. This was a prime opportunity that couldn’t have come at a better time. I have been traveling all over the world since I was little. My family and I visited many places which sparked my interest to see more of the world, especially the complete other side. Being so far away, this could be my only opportunity to see Australia and I couldn’t be more excited. I look forward mostly to immersing myself in the everyday and business culture of Australia. I plan on traveling more later in life and hopefully making it back to Australia.

During this program, I hope to become familiar with the culture of Australia. I want to see what the culture is like across the globe by meeting as many people as possible. I plan on exploring a lot by stepping out of my comfort zone to discover things that I am not used to seeing back home. Of the Australian Culture, I want to explore the food aspect. I have heard a lot about the food, however, I want to see it in my own eyes and do my own exploring. I also plan on growing as a person as I have never traveled this far alone. I am excited to see what the trip has to offer and how I grow as a person. I will have to face the long trek over myself and be forced to handle any problems along the trip without the help of my parents. I hope to come back a more well-rounded adult with a better perspective of the world.

On a more academic note, I plan on becoming a more seasoned student as this will be my first time taking classes in a foreign country. I will have to become more responsible as a student to balance academics with traveling. Being so accustomed to my academic routine at the University of Pittsburgh, I will have to form my own routine to fit my schedule in Sydney. I am excited to see what the classes will be like abroad as I can’t wait to be there. Earning six credits on the trip will be great for propelling myself into the next step of my collegiate career. As for the professional side, I plan on gaining resume advice from business professionals that I will have the opportunity to meet in Sydney. I have a lot to learn as I will have an open mind and do my best to experience the business culture of this foreign country.