My trip to Salzburg!



During our study abroad program, we have various excursions that we go on to explore the city of Munich and its surrounding attractions. Some of these excursions are required for our culture class but other excursions are optional with a group of Pitt students. One of these excursions was to Salzburg, Austria for the day. The trip lasted from 7 AM to 11 PM and was worth every minute.

My trip to Salzburg was more exciting than I had thought it would be. The day started off with a quick run to our Flixbus that we were in danger of being late for. Thankfully we made it, but with little time to spare. Once we made it to Salzburg, it became obvious that we arrived when the snow-peaked mountains surrounded us on all sides. It was a full day of exploring with our first visit to the Cup and Cino cafe, where I had some top-quality Cafe Melange coffee. This is the coffee that Mozart would always order at his favorite café in Salzburg. Our next visit would be to Mozart’s birth house, hidden in the markets throughout the city. After that, we visited the Mirabell gardens. The flower arrangements and elegant statues made for great photo ops. Once we finished with the gardens, we visited the famous Cafe Tomaselli where Mozart typically ordered his Cafe Melange. The cafe was expensive, which was expected in a touristy area. After the cafe, we moved on to the boat tour that took us down the main river running through Salzburg with an excellent view of Hohensalzburg castle. Going up to the castle was my favorite part. Seeing all the city from the cliff side was unbelievable. Touring the castle was also interesting because there were not many rooms that were closed off to the public, allowing us to see everything it had to offer. We followed our tour of the castle with a classic Austrian dinner down below near the main market. After dinner, the day came to an end with our bus trip back to Munich. Overall, I am glad that I decided to spend the day in Salzburg and experience the sights and culture outside of Munich.

My daily commute has become more routine every day. Each day I take the train to the school, get breakfast and coffee at the bakery by the school, and then get ready for my German class. The German class has greatly improved my language skills throughout the program. When I started, I was not incredibly comfortable practicing my German with the locals or even in class because of my inexperience. Now I have more experience and confidence when practicing the language, which helps me to become better as a result. My culture class has given me the opportunity that I sought to explore Munich and learn about its history. I would not have thought about going on many of these excursions if I had created my own itinerary, but I am glad that I did. Hopefully I am able to find more to explore before I leave next week!