New Journey

If you ask Americans, which city they want to live in their country, San Francisco is definitely the top five. The cool climate in summer and the warm climate in winter, the blue skies, the charming beaches, the exquisite Victorian buildings, the romantic nostalgic cable cars, and the crowded Union Square and Fisherman’s Wharf all make San Francisco one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. But what makes San Francisco’s truly enchanting, in addition to its natural landscape, is the city’s embrace of different culture. As my first time being in the West Coast, San Francisco has been a haven for me to escape the conservative traditions of the East Coast. My first impression of the city is the diversity here. San Francisco has attracted large numbers of people from all over Asia and the Pacific since it is a major port.

As what San Francisco different from east coast, when I was in New York, people wear suits everywhere. If I say NYC is the center of finance, then San Francisco Bay Area is the home of Tech. The Bay Area is a hub of startups with every other person founding a startup or preparing to start one. With a more relaxed vibe compared to the corporate world in east coast. Opting for t-shirts and flip flops rather than suits, you can find programmers basically anywhere with free wifi.

And Californians are also super chill compare to east coast. Mostly relaxed and rarely stressed, people seem to have a better grasp on the larger scheme of life. They rarely fret the small details and focus on moving forward. There’s so much more time here that people are willing to open up and start friendly conversations before working.

As for the transportation, when I was in New York, I found that New Yorkers walk a lot and drive rarely, but all New Yorkers take the subway. For $2.75 a train ride, you can take it anywhere throughout its extensive network. Only in NYC would you have constant train delays, train malfunctions, and random changes of train lines. Compare to New York, the buses and trains in San Francisco are quite limited, and there is a lot of environmentally friendly modes of transport such as biking, skating, and definitely walking.

San Francisco and Silicon Valley to the south have been home to innovation, more specifically, the area has become synonymous with technological innovation. Today, companies like HP, Intel, Apple, Google, eBay, Cisco, Oracle, Genentech, and Facebook call San Francisco and the Valley home. So, too, do the venture capital and law firms that have made fortunes along with the companies themselves. My company is a small venture capital company in San Francisco, which is an early stage fund that invests in consumer internet and mobile startups. I think it is meaningful to invest in and support some of the smartest and most passionate entrepreneurs who are creating groundbreaking products and services that make our lives better, more connected and more fulfilling.

San Francisco is a world-class city with a population that is nothing if not worldly. Its global denizens comprise a confluence of cultures, a fact that’s rooted in the city’s history. I wish my journey during the summer would help me fully experience each ingredient in this exciting melting pot.