First week in San Francisco

It has been two weeks since I got to San Francisco for the International Internship Program. When I first came here, I did not have a company to work for. People from AIC worked hard to get me a company so I can participate in the internship program. They finally got me one company called Marin Capital Management Wealth. But, when I looked for the company’s location, I was shocked because it was two hours away from my apartment. This means that I would have to spend at least four hours a day in commuting to the workplace from my place. I thought it was not reasonable, but tried to actually go there once to see if it really takes that long. One day, I got up at 5:30 A.M. and left my apartment at 6; the work starts at 8:00 A.M. It took exactly two hours for me to get there and a little more than two hours to come back. And I was exhausted when I got back home. So, I talked to AIC people that this might not work for me. Fortunately, they found another company for me which is located 30-minutes-walk from where I live. I thought walking 30 minutes is much better than taking buses for two hours. I had an interview with the manager of the company three days ago and they accepted me right away. The point is, I didn’t start my internship yet; I start next Tuesday. Once I attend my work next week, I will be able to answer the questions on the syllabus such as ‘Describe the industry of the firm visited today’ or ‘Describe the basic line of business of the firm visited’.

When I first came to San Francisco, the first thing I felt was that the housing price is ridiculously expensive. I made some friends who were raised in San Francisco and talked with them about it. They all agreed with me and told me that the city is the most expensive residential place in the United States. The housing price is higher than New York City! This particular environment, or characteristic, or the city became a main factor for me to decide not to work here in the future. I think even if you make a lot of money, the rent will take most of it.

Since it has been two weeks and I didn’t work until now, I had so many chances to explore the city. Before I came here, I was very excited about going to San Francisco in terms of developing my career because San Francisco is a huge city and a hub of the field of Finance. My major is Finance and my ultimate goal is to become a financial analyst in an international financial company. San Francisco connects to so many huge cities overseas and my apartment is right next to the financial district that is why I was super excited about coming here. Not only that, San Francisco has a lot of things to do. The city is surrounded by oceans and beaches. Moreover, there is a huge Chinatown next to my apartment that makes me even more excited. I went to so many different places with other interns who came from Pitt and had a lot of fun. Today, I crossed the Golden Gate Bridge which is one of the city’s landmarks. Traveling is not the main goal of this program, of course, but I think exploring and experiencing more things make your standard go up in terms of the view or vision.

There were no cultural differences between San Francisco and Pittsburgh since both cities are in the United States. But I think the weather here is much colder than Pittsburgh because it’s near the coast. It definitely winds a lot. What’s worse is that the window in my room broke and wind comes in every night and day, and that makes me freezing every morning. I have to wear at least three layers or closes and also need a thick blanket. Besides the weather and living cost, I think there are no problem to live here.

I am now kind of getting used to the city. I will experience more and more as I start working for the company next week. I want to get as much experience as I can and share it with other people who are planning to participate in the same program.